Dr Ivan Šop:

Here is a book so authentic and on such a high masterly level that it could have been created only beyond all literary streams and accepted trends, in the literally sense self-made. It should be added, however, that this historical period has produced such writers. It seems to be a global phenomenon, so that Poles have Czeslaw Milosz and „The Captured Mind", Russians Alexander Zinoviev and „Enthusiasm of Our Youth", and we now have Milan Nešić and Fifty Years to War. We also should keep in mind that he is really a gifted writer, able to capture the very essence of a situation and to conjure whole pictures in a few words. If we add that he has a supreme writing skill and good education, than it is clear why he was able to tell us about socialism, through his „Five Stories of Socialism from a Personal Point of View", more than all sociologists and scientists during these fifty years.

 (Translated by Dr Vid Vukasović,

writer from Belgrade)

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