Mr Miroslav Kosti:

When a writer is sincere and talented, that is to say original, it turns out it is possible to find a parallel with him, and only in that case on the world scale. Regarding his insisting on natural and real, even exact in his title story THE POET AND HIS WIFE Nesi gives us complete mathematics formulae, to be fair in a footnote it is possible to say for Nei he is a naturalist like Zola. Regarding his insisting on details, i.e. their truthfulness (vero, verisimo) he would correspond with verism, i.e. Giovani Verga, he has probably never heard of. Then again, reading his stories attentively, you get an impression that ordinary as these details may seem, they are not chosen ordinarily, even less they are combined accidentally, definitely not there on their own but always to give a hint of something more, as if they are a symbol of something more profound yet to be questioned. If he were a poet, Nei would probably be a representative of symbolism in spite of his reality.

(Translated by Prendi Dubravka

prendicd@eunet.yu )

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