Mr Miroslav Kostić:

This novel of high artistic value, written in realistic, documentary way, ends with some socially philosophical conclusions. The whole system of tricks and compulsions in society has been revealed through meetings with author himself, Milan Nešić, an engineer by profession, who has already been the author of another novel on engineering emigration, as well as an unorthodox essay. His meetings with publishers and possible reviewers helped us to reveal everything. The way author succeeds to keep faith in the sense of creativity and future is amazing. It seems as if his philosophical eye reveals: we have been suffering, but history knows even greater violence, nevertheless it is pleasure to take part in it.

This book has a lasting value as much as it is correct that history repeats itself — from slaveholding etc, up to socialism etc. It is necessary to publish this book as much as the meaningfulness of life and art is the right way for complete and proper living.

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