Dr Barbara Bauer:

Science cannot answer, not the science.

According to "Essay on God" and "Philosophy and Belief" there is no reason in the universe. The world is infinite, but individualities are changeable and passing.

"Essay on God" contains several interesting anecdotes. The writing is clear and entertaining and contains several thought-provoking ideas.


Dr Živomir Petronijević:

The first impression one gets reading this book is that the author is a highly educated person. Problems connected with various sciences, such as physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry and philosophy are considered here. The book offers, to the reader having less knowledge, the book represents an encouragement for contemplation on numerous problems, as well as an additional study of those problems. Very complex scientific problems treated in an extremely interesting, that is, literary way have been good side of the book. Several entities of this book represent high quality prose, in a pure literary sense. Explanation of Einstein's postulate on constant speed of light, applying the principle of quantum mechanics has been interesting.

I consider the book ESSAY ON GOD worth publishing because author's efforts while writing this book were exceptionally great, dilemmas and assertions he had set, as well as the quality which resulted from all that.

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